Peace Helmet Project

Each Peace Helmet in this series began its journey on the front lines of public disorder operations for law enforcement in the United Kingdom. They come from various era’s of crowd management systems meaning some have seen much more action than others.

Anger Conversion

The objective is to transform energies connected with helmets used in combat zones or crowd disorder operations and convert that energy into a theme born from Love & Creativity.

Riot Helmets

As riot helmets they served two functions on the streets, firstly they helped protect police heads, secondly they helped enforce an element of fear once deployed.


The Full Peace Helmet Collection along with Limited Edition Prints will be exhibited in a Reputable Gallery or Creative Space. Visitors are invited to see the Final Exhibits and Physically Feel the New Energy.


It was important for the project that the riot helmets were ex-issue so they still retain the energy of the moments the wearer experienced. The sweat and anguish of deployed riot squads defending the lawmakers of Britain over two decades. The mission of the Peace Helmet project is to bring balance to these unloved objects and reverse the negative energy contained within each item and convert that energy through the love of art and creativity.
  • 2015

  • 2016

    Waving A White Flag

    Emerging & Internationally Renowned Graffiti Street Artists Pledge Their Support for the Project


The Ex-Issue Riot Helmets Came in All Shapes and Sizes

Fully Customised Helmets

Street Artists

Graffiti Writers



Here Are Some of the Artists Working on the Project
Peace Helmets
Completed Helmets
Helmets in Progess
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Weapons of Mass Creation

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