Peace Helmet Project

The Peace Helmet Project provides a platform for street artists, graffiti writers and artists to express themselves in a creative non-combative manner. Our chosen medium is reflective of our world vision. Ex-issue police riot (crowd disorder) helmets converted into collectible works of art, made with love and auctioned off for the most worthy of international causes.

Waving a White Flag

101 Peace Helmets mark the first series in the ongoing charity based project. The pieces will be displayed for public viewing before being auctioned off for a variety of humanitarian projects .

Riot Helmets

Artists are born to manifest carbon energy into solid form, breathing life into inanimate objects. Riot helmets convey authority in any language whilst a Peace Helmet encourages an entirely different dialogue.


We've been searching for a variety of charity based projects both in the UK and aboard. Future plans may well see the launch of our own direct action foundation.


This series (Waving a White Flag) is the first in a long line of art shows dedicated to the unifying theme of Peace. Each series features 101 helmets from different sectors of law enforcement or military departments. Helmets will be sought from various countries, as too will artists to paint or customise each helmet. The objective is to transform energies connected with helmets used in combat zones or crowd disorder operations and convert that energy into a theme born from creativity. Renowned and emerging artists from around the world will be invited to add their flare to a particular series. Finished Peace Helmets are to be exhibited in creative spaces for visitor’s review and media coverage. The exhibits will then be made available for purchase via auction and generated profits used to support humanitarian projects.
  • 2018

  • 2018


    The Peace Helmet Project was initially devised as a quirky art exhibition where the helmets sold and profits banked. On reflection the project founder Wayne Anthony realised a much bigger goal could be accomplished with Peace Helmets. The project is now focusing on the humanitarian sector and may well flourish into a foundation if necessary. We’re researching dozens of direct action options that better connect us with grass-roots projects. A full listing will be made available in future updates.


The Ex-Issue British Riot Helmets Came in All Shapes and Sizes

Fully Customised Helmets

Street Artists

Graffiti Writers



Here Are Some of the Artists Working on the Project
Peace Helmets
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